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Thursday, 06 September 2007

As an example of the form that Artificial Land could take, Koichi Paul Nii offers the these drawings and descriptions based on designs that were developed over 35 years ago at the architectural firm of Kiyonori Kikutake.


Fundamentally, this design illustrates an artificial “mountain” also know as a Linear Terraced City.  In this version, the exterior terraces on either side of the structure, are primarily for residential usage.  The interior cavity contains a separate structure where commercial businesses and municipal facilities can be located.  Open public spaces and entertainment venues can be located at the structure’s core.

Throughout the structure there are multiple opportunities to accommodate nonpolluting transportation networks. From pedestrian sky walks to clean energy powered public transit, as well as personal transport vehicles. Long range transportation in the form of roads, highways, train systems and parking areas, are located at and below ground level at the base of the structure.

This is the first in a series of “notes on Artificial Land concepts” 

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