The Need to UNSPRAWL
Contributed by mark eakle   
Monday, 26 March 2007

What is unsustainable land occupation? In a word, "sprawl".

Sprawl is what we see in almost every instance of human habitation on this planet. Sprawling development is the result of unforeseen growth in urban populations and human activities. It is characterized by low density land use in non-agrarian communities. It has lead to building practices and life styles that promote energy inefficient houses that are located far from most of our places of activities. The result is that we have created a situation that propregates two extremely destructive scenarios. One - we are transforming life sustaining land from it's natural state, into a dead asphault covered substrate that supports our other destructive extreme. Scenario number two - maximizing the methods for raplid dipleation of non-renewable energy resources while at the same time accelerating our carbon output. Result, Global Warming. Some would say this is not sustainable.

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